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The Taoist Massage


Taoist massage has  important qualities: erotic, sensual, healing and relaxing


Taoist Massage is considered a healing practice where your sexual energy is built up and spread all over your body to re-energize you, uniting your body, mind and soul. It is an erotic and spiritual journey where you get to know your body better, providing physical, mental and sexual relaxation, liberating the stress from you. It’s a blissful experience.


Your stamina and vitality will be noticeably increased, without you feeling depleted or drained. Also you get to know a bit more about your body, as this massage might surprise you by finding out erogenous zones you didn't know you had.

Taoist Massage can lead to an extended, full-body orgasm and an altered mind-state conducive to spiritual insights. If you’re looking for a regular “happy-ending”, this is not suitable for you.

This massage welcomes gay, bisexual, bi-curious and straight men.

The Technique

Sexual energy is fundamental to our well-being. The function of Taoist Massage is to make this energy circulate freely over your body. In response, it leads to a more fulfilling relaxing experience, altering your level of awareness, heightening sensation and strengthening energy. It’s done to harmonize you and clear energy blocks.

Deep, uninhibited breathing is necessary to help this energy flow, so breath-work is encouraged. Actually, this is something we can incorporate in our daily lives. Most clients who continue with deep, slow breathing during the session are more likely to experience full-body wave-like orgasms.

My first aim is to relax your body. Swedish massage is the best way to make you feel completely touched, connected and to make your energy flow all over you. Deep Tissue is also used to work on your knots and tension spots. The massage progresses slowly from a regular massage into a sensual one. It's done in the most organic way. Your body will respond to it naturally.

The whole you is worshipped. The build-up of energy is spread throughout your body, re-energizing you. It’s a wonderfully uplifting experience. It is a full-body technique that works on the meridians. Sexual arousal and deep relaxation are pleasant side-effects.

Done with hands and forearms throughout the entire session, Taoist Massage is not invasive and it's suitable for everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation. 

To have a clear picture of how it is done, go to the video section to watch some examples. The massage is performed exactly as shown in those videos. There are NO extras or hidden services and this, I believe, is already reflected in my rates.


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