I've been seeing Artie for a number of years and reconnected with him not so long ago. Artie is a beautiful person and his massage is one of the best. Instinctive hands that knows what they are doing and with great pressure. The taoist massage is sensational and unique, it was a utter surprise that was so enjoyable it has brought me back many times over.

I love getting a massage from Artie and have used many different masseurs over the years. Usually I tend to chop and change who I go to every 12-18 months for a bit of variety. I first went for a massage in late 2016 and have been a loyal client ever since. The man is a very talented masseur with an instinctive knack of knowing which areas to work and how to leave you feeling supremely relaxed and feeling new again. Artie has sorted out back issues for me when a chiropractor has been less success and I’ve reached the stage now where I wouldn’t choose to use anyone else. I leave his premises always relaxed, rejuvenated and feeling fully flexible again. He’s also a really charming man; polite, exuding warmth and welcoming and the facilities are always clean and first rate. You’d be mad to try anyone else.

Artie has magic hands that will heal you! The set up is very professional and you come away feeling amazing. I cannot recommend him too highly. Try and see for yourself!

Artie is Very friendly and easy to talk with. I was made very welcome and asked the type of massage I wanted. The body massage was totally amazing along with the music and surroundings. He's very strong and his sense of touch and manipulation of my entire body was wonderful. I would suggest you book a body massage ASAP! It was a great experience I think I'll have monthly massages the entire meeting has to be relived again.

Artie is very competent and professional! After the massage I felt very relaxed and free from the stress caused by the intense and busy week at work. I do recommend this masseur!

I can honestly this is the best massage I have ever had. Artie has magic hands he will adapt his massage to how you are feeling I often fall asleep under those magic hands. Artie does not do out calls because he likes to use his own table which is in a pleasant conservatory. If you want a perfect massage go and see artie I am now one of his regular clients


One of the BEST massages Ive ever had. Truly attentive and very friendly. Applied the right amount of pressure in just the right places and makes you feel like you're in heaven at the end. Totally worth every penny. Will definitely be going back

Had the best massage I have ever had. Artie was firm in all the right places and really thorough. When it got to massaging my buttocks and groin area I was in ecstasy. His touch was perfect.. and happiest ending ever.

He is very good at what he does. Nice relaxing room. Polite and calming personality. He has very good technique going from firm to soft in all the right places and the perfect ending to completely relax.

Very welcoming, and easy to find. Had an amazing 90 mins all done in a relaxed atmosphere and wow I felt great afterwards. Next time I am in London I know where I am heading.

I have been many times before. Always friendly and welcoming and great massage. Artie really knows what he is doing.

Had a 60 mins massage  and loved the experience. He was super nice and friendly and has a very professional yet relaxing massage room. The massage itself was great, Artie has great technique and very gifted hands, you can really tell he knows what he is doing. Both the therapeutic and sensual parts of the massage exceeded my expectations and hopefully, I'll see him again!

I rarely write reviews but I have to say Artie offers a truly outstanding professional service. I found him to be friendly and discreet, with real attention to detail throughout the massage, utilising a variety of techniques. He is very thorough and the massage was the best I have experienced. I highly recommend him!

Artie is great, he is a master of techniques and on my various visits has always helped relieve my overtly tight muscle tension around my neck and shoulders. He uses the right amount of pressure that afterwards you feel very supple which is the ultimate goal. Also he is just a very pleasant chap and very engaged with the treatment, even if I do fall asleep.


Absolutely incredible experience! I’ve been to many masseurs and have found him to be exceptional. Artie is so skilled at what he does and the experience is unlike anything else-sheer ecstasy! His Taoist massage is extraordinary! I highly recommend him ;)

I've known Artie for many years and had many wonderful massages with him. He makes you very welcome and is very intuitive with you body and knows the right pressure. The taoist massage, invigorates your senses and provides unexpected but amazing sensations that leaves on cloud nine. You want to come back many times, which I have.
Thoroughly recommend him.

Great experience. Amazing touch. Had a massage a few times and will definitely be back for more. Would definitely recommend.

London is full of masseurs, all claiming to offer a unique, bespoke service but in my experience, his techniques as the Taiost Masseur have yet to be bettered anywhere. I've been a client of his for nearly 3 years and each time I book, it's a sublime experience. This is no lazy rub down. The entire massage is a gradual, determined crescendo that first relaxes and soothes your body, ironing out any knots and sore points and culminates in a profoundly sensual and stirring way. His massages are intense yet relaxing, stimulating and energising. You feel fantastic afterwards. A great location in the heart of Vauxhall, Artie has a clean, bright apartment and plays soothing music playing in the background. Instantly likeable and easy to talk to, he has a calming, friendly manner and is a perfect choice for first timers, or anyone who may be a little nervous or self-conscious. I find him to be a genuinely lovely guy and he has truly magic hands. Try him out and I promise, you'll be back.

Quality & Value... Artie responded promptly to my emails and a time was set-up for him to visit my Hotel, near Green Park Station. I also spoke with him by phone and he was Warm & Friendly...another GOOD sign. He arrived right on scheudle and is quite xxxy and Handsome. Off to my Guestroom...we washed hands and was I ever in Store for a GOOD Massage ?! ?! Artie DELIVERED for sure. He is "Skilled & Strong". He melted away the "knots in my upper neck" wonderfully. He is Sensual too...adored his teasing strokes. Artie is an AMAZING Bargain at £100 for 1.5 hrs of Superb Massage !! !! Those ohter OVERRRR Priced Masseurs charging upwards of £120...His skills and talents are Superior !! Far Superior !! !! And...he accepts PayPal...WonderFUL. Gentlemen of London.. He IS the REAL Deal !! Don't WASTE your £'s on other EXPENSIVE Masseurs...when he is Fair
SUPERIOR and LESS Expensive. Also, he is NOT a Clock Watcher...he went over 12 minutes...and his Focus is QUALITY...even IF it takes a few minutes Longer. He utilizes a Nice Grapeseed oil...No gunky Coconut Oil like some use. On my future visits to London...its: "Hellooooo, Artie! for Sure. I felt Immediately Comfortable & "at ease" with Artie.

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