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"Thank you for earlier. I can already feel the benefit of the massage as my back has not felt this good for months! As always time with you is amazing. Thank you for creating such a safe space for me to feel very free. You’re a very special guy."

(Ben, London)

"I highly recommend @TaoistMasseurUK who has great hands and a very relaxed and friendly manner, as well as a comfortable venue where you are free to relax and enjoy."

(M., London)

"Thank you SO much for today. I felt loved, cared for, safe as well as ‘seen’ (as I really am).  But also kinda carried by you – lifting me up from my rather down mood to a higher vibration.  Not sure those are the right words but yes I felt I just relaxed and let go and you held me. Your generosity of spirit was so lovely and very touching indeed


Quite apart from your technical brilliance in general and specifically at working those knots.  Seriously very very very few people know how to even begin to do that! Additionally your intuitive instinct:  You always just know where to go.


Another specific is bum massage:  I know that I hold so much tension there…I cant be unique in this - and yet its not taught in any school of massage I’ve come across.  If in a hurry I’d just have a shoulders and bum massage."

(Quentin, London)

"It has been a day or two, and several showers later, but still my body, and importantly, my mind, resonates with the professional and expertly delivered Taoist massage I had with Artie. I am standing taller, sleeping deeper and feel a sense of well-being I have not experienced in all these difficult 18 months of the pandemic. He instantly connects, making the atmosphere relaxed and warm, and intuitively knows how your body works and will respond to his deep tissue massage. I shall definitely be visiting again. It's in my body and soul’s interest to do so."


(David Ledain, London)

“I received my first (ever!) massage yesterday from Artie and would highly recommend him. He has a very friendly, welcoming manner and an enthusiasm for what he does that immediately puts one at ease. His manner, although friendly, is very professional and he talks you through what he plans to do, maintains boundaries, and absolutely delivers on what he offers. His workspace is warm, comfortable, and conducive to the effectiveness of the service he provides. The music he’s chosen is unintrusive and compliments the treatment (at times I didn’t even notice it as I was too lost in the attention I was receiving).

The massage itself was both relaxing and invigorating. During the treatment, he was able to identify spots that definitely needed attention and so the massage felt very personally tailored to my body‘s needs rather than a standard routine that he performs the same way. In this he impressively demonstrates his experience and expertise, and this added to the experience because you know he is participating in the session rather than working on auto pilot.

I am an NHS worker and the last 17 months have taken a physical toll on me. Artie’s skilful technique and experienced hands managed to correct most of my aches and pains in one hour-long session. He pays attention to the whole body, and it is a truly restorative experience. This morning I woke up feeling in better physical shape than I have in a very long time. The session was time well spent and definitely value for money.

Not only would I recommend Artie, but I hope I will become one of his regular clients.”

(S., London)


"This was the first of what I hope to be many massage sessions with Artie; even if one is not apprehensive about being naked for a massage with another man (I am not), it still helps that a masseur is friendly, warm, engaging and possesses a natural charm and ease. Artie explained that the massage would begin with deeper strokes before moving towards more sensual attention. 

The deeper strokes were fantastic; several months of working from home during the pandemic had reduced my daily movements around the office and there were knots in my shoulders from being in front of my computer screen for long hours. The release of tension in the shoulders, arms and back was pleasure enough; then the work on the buttocks and inner thighs was sublime. Just as the body was aching for a sensual touch, there would be a light stroke between the buttocks or across the back of my scrotum before more thorough work began on the hamstrings and calves and then flitting back to the balls and bum.

When he asked me to turn over, he suggested that I breathe deeply and close my eyes. He had explained right at the beginning that this was a time for me; a time in which to receive. Sensual pleasure is frequently a two-way street; it is rare to have the luxury of simply surrendering one’s flesh to the caresses of another person whose sole focus is one’s pleasure. There is something wonderfully vulnerable about lying on one’s back, erect, knowing that whatever happens in the next half-hour is going to be heavenly.

The strong hands which had removed tension from my shoulders and back now became as light as gossamer in their gentle touching of my chest, stomach, pubic hair, cock and balls, thighs and lower legs. Lengthy sweeps of hands and forearms travelled the length of my body (I am 183cm tall) covering it with oil; on each sweeping movement, Artie paused midway to pay attention to my cock and balls.

As a man, he understands the erogenous zones of other men; we are all, however, different in more personal tastes. Either my breathing or gasps of pleasure or his intuition told him where to pay more attention; in my case, the gentle caressing of the hair on my balls is exquisitely pleasurable and Artie understood just how to make my skin sing.

This phase of the massage left me blissfully ecstatic and finished with one of the most intense orgasms that I have had in a while.

I slept better than in months and awoke the next day refreshed and content"

(P., Brighton)

Artie worked my muscles so good with his hands. His massage had me pliable and so relaxed. This made it perfect for him to pool my energy in my manhood and give me an epic release! I need to get back on his table, and in his hands

(Griffin Barrows)



I've been seeing Artie for a number of years and reconnected with him not so long ago. Artie is a beautiful person and his massage is one of the best. Instinctive hands that knows what they are doing and with great pressure. The taoist massage is sensational and unique, it was a utter surprise that was so enjoyable it has brought me back many times over.

I love getting a massage from Artie and have used many different masseurs over the years. Usually I tend to chop and change who I go to every 12-18 months for a bit of variety. I first went for a massage in late 2016 and have been a loyal client ever since. The man is a very talented masseur with an instinctive knack of knowing which areas to work and how to leave you feeling supremely relaxed and feeling new again. Artie has sorted out back issues for me when a chiropractor has been less success and I’ve reached the stage now where I wouldn’t choose to use anyone else. I leave his premises always relaxed, rejuvenated and feeling fully flexible again. He’s also a really charming man; polite, exuding warmth and welcoming and the facilities are always clean and first rate. You’d be mad to try anyone else.

Artie has magic hands that will heal you! The set up is very professional and you come away feeling amazing. I cannot recommend him too highly. Try and see for yourself!

Artie is Very friendly and easy to talk with. I was made very welcome and asked the type of massage I wanted. The body massage was totally amazing along with the music and surroundings. He's very strong and his sense of touch and manipulation of my entire body was wonderful. I would suggest you book a body massage ASAP! It was a great experience I think I'll have monthly massages the entire meeting has to be relived again.

Artie is very competent and professional! After the massage I felt very relaxed and free from the stress caused by the intense and busy week at work. I do recommend this masseur!

I can honestly this is the best massage I have ever had. Artie has magic hands he will adapt his massage to how you are feeling I often fall asleep under those magic hands. Artie does not do out calls because he likes to use his own table which is in a pleasant conservatory. If you want a perfect massage go and see artie I am now one of his regular clients


One of the BEST massages Ive ever had. Truly attentive and very friendly. Applied the right amount of pressure in just the right places and makes you feel like you're in heaven at the end. Totally worth every penny. Will definitely be going back

Had the best massage I have ever had. Artie was firm in all the right places and really thorough. When it got to massaging my buttocks and groin area I was in ecstasy. His touch was perfect.. and happiest ending ever.

He is very good at what he does. Nice relaxing room. Polite and calming personality. He has very good technique going from firm to soft in all the right places and the perfect ending to completely relax.

Very welcoming, and easy to find. Had an amazing 90 mins all done in a relaxed atmosphere and wow I felt great afterwards. Next time I am in London I know where I am heading.

I have been many times before. Always friendly and welcoming and great massage. Artie really knows what he is doing.

Had a 60 mins massage  and loved the experience. He was super nice and friendly and has a very professional yet relaxing massage room. The massage itself was great, Artie has great technique and very gifted hands, you can really tell he knows what he is doing. Both the therapeutic and sensual parts of the massage exceeded my expectations and hopefully, I'll see him again!

I rarely write reviews but I have to say Artie offers a truly outstanding professional service. I found him to be friendly and discreet, with real attention to detail throughout the massage, utilising a variety of techniques. He is very thorough and the massage was the best I have experienced. I highly recommend him!

Artie is great, he is a master of techniques and on my various visits has always helped relieve my overtly tight muscle tension around my neck and shoulders. He uses the right amount of pressure that afterwards you feel very supple which is the ultimate goal. Also he is just a very pleasant chap and very engaged with the treatment, even if I do fall asleep.


The experience was first-rate - from the ease of booking a session, to the impeccable studio and soothing music, to the positive energy and skill Artie brought to the massage. He found knots which I didn’t know existed and released them with the perfect mix of strength and sensuality. At moments I felt he enjoyed giving the massage as much as I enjoyed receiving it - which only heightened my pleasure. What sweet talent. I will definitely return.

Artie has to be the best. He has that rare combination of a 5 star technical & sensual masseur with a completely delightful personality. From my first contact with him he was warm, friendly & accommodating then in the massage that followed his fingers found knots and trigger points I never knew I had. That combined with a sensual flowing technique made for a perfect massage. The fact he is often fully booked says it all. I just hope this review doesn't make it more difficult to get a massage! Great massage, great guy!

Artie is just very good at what he does - very very good. The initial massage was really skilled and he knew where to find my knotted points and how much pressure to apply. Almost agony!
The more intense part of the massage was unforgettable. Good to watch his video before so you know what to expect and what his boundaries are. Doesn't mean you won't yearn to touch and kiss this lovely man. That's just the way it is!
I'll be back.


Wow I’d forgotten how fabulous a massage with Artie is. He’s so lovely and friendly as a person and then when the massage begins it’s so gloriously intimate from the very beginning and just grows and grows to the wonderful ending. He’s special.

I don’t often leave reviews but I do read them, so I had to tell you reading this that Artie is, without doubt, the best massage therapist I have been to. 
He is friendly, professional and excels at what he does. There’s a natural ease to the way he works, he instinctively knows exactly where to apply the right pressure and is the most effective at releasing the knots in my back and shoulders. I really appreciate his attention to detail, especially the music playlist.
Artie has developed this holistic sensual experience, unlike any other I have found, that is focused completely on you receiving the full benefit of his expert technique and skills. The result is extraordinary and I still feel the effects days after.
So if you are thinking about booking with Artie all I can say is, do it!

This is my third massage with Artie and the massages just get even better. 
The first thing you will notice is that Artie has a really great energy about him. Believe me, if you are nervous then please go as he has such a warm personality; it will make you super relaxed around him. 
Artie is very handsome too. His eyes and his hair make him look so naturally ***y. 
His massage is amazing. I lay on the massage table and let myself be pampered from start to finish. This guy can massage really well. He took away all of the tension in my neck and shoulders but he didn’t stop there. Every inch of me was massaged and I was in a sensual state over and over throughout the massage. Artie makes the massage so intimate that everything feels like an amazing natural chemistry between you and him. He knows his way around a man’s body very well and he knew exactly how to take me to cloud 9. 
There is a build up throughout the massage and the ending is just unbelievable. No rushing, very natural and very sensual. I will definitely be a repeat customer with Artie. The hype around him is real. Go and treat yourself!

I had a visit with Artie while I was in the UK for a few weeks. My visit with him was everything I expected it to be. He was warm, welcoming and inviting. I left his place feeling completely renewed. He even let me shower after the session, which was very welcomed. I won't write a long review because everything that needs to be said has been said. I look forward to seeing him in London during my next visit. Dont walk to Artie... RUN!

I had my first session with Artie in July. I just had my fourth one last weekend and felt the need to send an updated review of my experience 
I cannot fault him or the sessions in general. The surroundings are conducive to relaxation. It feels like a sanctuary of peace from the outside world. 
Artie makes you feel very welcome, comfortable and he finds out what you feel you need so he tailors his treatment to your requirements. His skill and professionalism is what has made me keep returning and after each session my body feels renewed. That he provides a skilful service based on your own needs makes it a very personal experience and that is easy to highly recommend.
I've had a lot of back and leg ache this year but each visit puts it right and has left me feeling so much better. So far I have only had the 60min session but this most recent time I decided to go for the longer 90min session and I think I will be going with that in future as I can still feel the benefits of that extra 30mins now four days later. 
The combination of relaxation, therapeutic and sensual - without crossing any unprofessional boundaries - has done wonders for my overall health condition and a visit to Artie has been good for my physical and mental health, which makes a visit to Artie something to very much look forward to not just for the session itself but for the long term benefits.
I would recommend Artie to first timers or to anyone who needs some personal attention for any aches or just some relaxation time that is centered on your requirements and leaves you invigorated.
Artie is a very friendly, beautiful and skilful professional and his treatments have been invaluable for their impact on my general wellbeing. My visits to him are a high point on the calendar and I cannot wait until my next visit in a couple of weeks time.

Absolutely incredible experience! I’ve been to many masseurs and have found him to be exceptional. Artie is so skilled at what he does and the experience is unlike anything else-sheer ecstasy! His Taoist massage is extraordinary! I highly recommend him ;)

I've known Artie for many years and had many wonderful massages with him. He makes you very welcome and is very intuitive with you body and knows the right pressure. The taoist massage, invigorates your senses and provides unexpected but amazing sensations that leaves on cloud nine. You want to come back many times, which I have.
Thoroughly recommend him.

Great experience. Amazing touch. Had a massage a few times and will definitely be back for more. Would definitely recommend.

London is full of masseurs, all claiming to offer a unique, bespoke service but in my experience, his techniques as the Taiost Masseur have yet to be bettered anywhere. I've been a client of his for nearly 3 years and each time I book, it's a sublime experience. This is no lazy rub down. The entire massage is a gradual, determined crescendo that first relaxes and soothes your body, ironing out any knots and sore points and culminates in a profoundly sensual and stirring way. His massages are intense yet relaxing, stimulating and energising. You feel fantastic afterwards. A great location in the heart of Vauxhall, Artie has a clean, bright apartment and plays soothing music playing in the background. Instantly likeable and easy to talk to, he has a calming, friendly manner and is a perfect choice for first timers, or anyone who may be a little nervous or self-conscious. I find him to be a genuinely lovely guy and he has truly magic hands. Try him out and I promise, you'll be back.

Quality & Value... Artie responded promptly to my emails and a time was set-up for him to visit my Hotel, near Green Park Station. I also spoke with him by phone and he was Warm & Friendly...another GOOD sign. He arrived right on scheudle and is quite xxxy and Handsome. Off to my Guestroom...we washed hands and was I ever in Store for a GOOD Massage ?! ?! Artie DELIVERED for sure. He is "Skilled & Strong". He melted away the "knots in my upper neck" wonderfully. He is Sensual too...adored his teasing strokes. Artie is an AMAZING Bargain at £100 for 1.5 hrs of Superb Massage !! !! Those ohter OVERRRR Priced Masseurs charging upwards of £120...His skills and talents are Superior !! Far Superior !! !! And...he accepts PayPal...WonderFUL. Gentlemen of London.. He IS the REAL Deal !! Don't WASTE your £'s on other EXPENSIVE Masseurs...when he is Fair SUPERIOR and LESS Expensive. Also, he is NOT a Clock Watcher...he went over 12 minutes...and his Focus is QUALITY...even IF it takes a few minutes Longer. He utilizes a Nice Grapeseed oil...No gunky Coconut Oil like some use. On my future visits to London...its: "Hellooooo, Artie! for Sure. I felt Immediately Comfortable & "at ease" with Artie.

My massage with Artie was a shamanic journey of sensual erotic pleasure and joy. He is a beautiful, warm, loving and a generous man. All of the latter came through in his touch. He took my body to shuddering with ecstasy and bliss. His combination of firm touch followed by sensual slow light touch allowed for a deep relaxation into my states of bliss. I am all about sensuality through touch and he managed to bring awaken that in every part of my body. Thank you Artie I have so much gratitude for your amazing skills, your warmth and ability to make me feel totally amazing. :)

I won't mince my words. A sign of a good massage for me is when there is a lot of attention around the groin and ass. Artie is, frankly, a master at this. A large proportion of the massage is focussed on this area and he is supremely skilled with a variety of techniques and pressures that astound, delight and relax you. He's also a damn good masseur for basic knots and tension. He literally leaves you feeling rejuvenated. Generous with his time, you will never feel rushed and certainly not short-changed. For the work he does, he has the most competitive rates in London. I love my massages with Artie. He is always welcoming and friendly but never so chatty that it distracts from the massage and I find him to be a very personable, open and likeable guy. Good massage table - nice and wide (not keen on ones that are so narrow you think you'll fall off at the end). As my mother would say, 'This one's a keeper.' Visit Artie and you'll be hard-pushed to find better. 5 stars.

Artie is simply a sublime masseur. Not only is he a beautiful person but his touch and hands are a wonder. He will take you to places and Sensual heights you didn’t know were there or you were capable of reaching. Truly. His is a beautiful, totally personal and Full Body ecstatic journey. Enjoy

I was curious as to whether the reviews for Artie were too good to be true. Especially as his rates as so reasonable. Happy to report that everything I had read is true! The photos are accurate (long-hair are the recent ones). He has a nice set-up in a good location with a proper massage table and shower facilities. Artie is friendly but professional and makes you feel really special. His massage technique is excellent and responsive. I can't go into the detail of the rest of the session - but it blew my mind. I'll be back for more!

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