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What’s Taoist Massage?

Taoist Erotic Massage is a technique created by Joseph Kramer in the 80s during the AIDS epidemic as a way for gay men to continue to experience pleasure in a safe environment.  It includes a full body massage (from Swedish to Deep Tissue – Sports massage if needed in any specific area) and energy work. The goal is to spread the sexual energy concentrated in your genitals to your whole body, providing a full body orgasm. There are many different benefits from this massage. From physical relaxation to experiencing a full body orgasm, it can relieve you from stress, tensions, blockages, offers you a better understanding of your body, and even discovering new erogenous zones that you may have never noticed before. It also boosts your sexual confidence and self-esteem, because you don’t need to worry about performing, but allow yourself to be taken care of by experienced hands.


How should I prepare for the massage?

Being freshly showered is appreciated. You are always welcome to chat before the massage to ask me questions or tell me what I can do to tailor it for you.


What’s your availability?

My hours are from 10 am to 8pm on weekdays, 12pm to 6pm on weekends and holidays.


How much notice do you need for an appointment?

One – two days notice is preferable, but last minute requests are possible if I’m available.


Do you film your appointments?

I never film my appointments, unless it is agreed with the client beforehand, usually on a follow up visit and after the actual session.


Could you film our session?

If it’s your first appointment, I won’t film our session because the presence of a camera does change the dynamic and it is important to me that you experience the massage in its full potential. And I am mostly talking about MY dynamic. Knowing there’s a camera there, my focus diverts to its presence and the flow is compromised. Also I don’t film a lot. I keep my videos available for free in my video gallery to advertise my work and I prefer  not to have the pressure of producing visual content but instead dedicate my time to the actual massage and seeing clients.


Do you work naked?

I don’t work naked. In my videos, I’m fully clothed because I want the focus to be on the service I provide. For a session, I work shirtless, but I do keep my shorts on. The reason I am not naked for a sensual massage is because during the 11 years I’ve been working, I’ve noticed that many times me being naked gets mistaken as a lack of boundary, even though it is explained beforehand about the importance of respecting this so I can dedicate myself to you.


Is mutual touch allowed?

It is not encouraged. The main purpose of my service is to provide an environment where the pressure of giving back - natural reaction to a sensual touch – is not there, allowing you to fully immerse in the sensations you experience.  A recent review described perfectly what I want my work to achieve: He had explained right at the beginning that this was a time for me; a time in which to receive. Sensual pleasure is frequently a two-way street; it is rare to have the luxury of simply surrendering one’s flesh to the caresses of another person whose sole focus is one’s pleasure. There is something wonderfully vulnerable about lying on one’s back, erect, knowing that whatever happens in the next half-hour is going to be heavenly.


Am I allowed to climax at the end?

Ejaculation is not a goal in a sensual massage, but it is regarded as a pleasant side effect. So yes, if you choose to climax, you definitely can.

Do you offer any extras?



Do you offer any discount?

My rates are already very competitive if you compare to any others.


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